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The PHYTO 5 Phyto-Energetic line is formulated with blends of natural essential oils to make the products energetic. It includes five sub-lines for each of the 5 aspects (or elements) of vital energy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

In TCM, all skin conditions are attributable to an energetic imbalance of one or more of the Five Elements that constitute vital energy. Consequently, PHYTO 5 includes five elemental lines, each named for one of the 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) and formulated to re-balance the energies of that element.



The BABOR brand stands for top-quality cosmetics that combine state-of-the art scientific knowledge and effective natural formulations. Our unique products are based on precious ingredients – for the most part of natural origin. They are extremely well tolerated by the skin and promote a sense of well-being.

Our skin works wonders. But it is extremely sensitive.  A mere touch or a mere fragrance can make our skin tingle with delight. BABOR understands the nature of your skin. Our skincare philosophy is based on respect for individual skin requirements.

To care for your skin every day and enable it to retain its inner and outer balance, we recommend the BABOR skincare system. The product and treatment systems used by your BABOR esthetician are individually tailored to the specific needs of your skin.

BABOR products are available from your esthetician – for the simple reason that professional beauty treatments are best provided by the real experts.
Experience the holistic effect of BABOR cosmetics


Image Skincare

Image Skincare is an internationally operated professional skincare company. The products are approved and available in 27 different countries including the US, Europe, Switzerland and the Middle East. Image Skincare laboratory utilizes the most scientifically advanced formulas in today's marketplace to create pharmaceutical grade skincare products that give licensed physicians and estheticians the ability to offer professional treatments and products that yield unparalleled results.
The products are available from your esthetician who best knows your skin and can recommend the right treatment.


Bio Jouvance Paris

Bio Jouvance Paris products were developed by an international team of renowned biologists and skin care experts, in conjunction with a technological breakthrough known as the BiogaphytTM concept, or Gemmotherapy. This process of water reduction through vibration allows stabilization of the entire plant organ, preserving plant vitality and nutrients by 92 - 98%.

Bio Jouvance Paris utilizes this advanced technology to create a wide range of unique formulations to assure the highest and purest quality of skin care products. Our products adjust biologically to adhere to the needs of each client. These exclusive results have lifted Bio Jouvance Paris to unrivaled status in the skin care industry.


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